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Welcome to the fun world of Glue Ons!

Our Cut & Color appliques available for download are designed for PretendWear™ products.  They are especially popular for use on our kids work aprons.

Transform your apron with awesome bicycle and tire track cut and color appliques™. Here's how to do it!

Here are some crafting tips: #1 You can also use black and white illustrations from coloring books as appliques too! Just cut out a design and paste down using washable glue....then color away. Other illustrations that can be found on "Free coloring pages” online are great too---especially if your child is looking for a particular style or theme.

#2 Dilute the washable glue with 50% water in a small bowl. The Cut & Glue appliques will stay on just as well as using 100% glue (which can otherwise be very thick and hard to spread over the entire surface an applique). Using a lower glue/water mix will also make it easier and quicker to remove.

REMEMBER Remember, kids love ALL the fun of applying and coloring Cut & Color appliques, so let them do as many of the procedures they want to—even washing out the applique in the sink!

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