About PretendWear Color n' Wash™

Perfect Day Toys LLC, a new Utah based company, is the developer of a role play apparel line for kids that can be colored, worn, washed and recolored. Named PretendWear Color 'n WashTM, the products are for boys and girls ages three to eight and include superhero capes and action suits for boys, dresses and skirt wraps for girls. The products feature coloring book-type artwork that defines a look and theme.  The lines are printed in permanent black ink so when the apparel is washed , the paint comes out but the line art stays so the item can be recolored.      


The apparel is colored using large tip washable paint daubers.  These kid-friendly daubers don't spill, and the vivid paints are quick to dry,  won't crack or peel during action play, yet wash out completely in a sink or washing machine.  PretendWear air dries and is ready to color again in only a few minutes.


The products are one-size-fits-all and made from new Dupont R Soft Structure TM-–a pure white non-woven material that is smooth, quick to color and extremely durable.  Since Soft Structure TM doesn't fray, unique cut-away-hems are featured allowing for size customizing  from 3 to 7, plus cut-away hems change the look of a dress, skirt wrap, cape, or action suit.


In a value-seeking economy, PretendWear Color 'n Wash TM products are budget priced.   Since they are not just made for one-time use, they offer added worth to parents looking for kids toys that last.  Even more attractive is that the dresses and capes, action suits and skirt wraps—even the kids work apron, are perfect for adding embellishments like jewels, feathers, pompoms, foam shapes, and more to change the look by using washable glue.  This keeps kid-interest high.  Since many of the items are reversible, stencils are another way to customize PretendWear.


Throughly kid tested for nearly three years, Perfect Day Toys company discovered that  parents enthusiastically welcomed  this never-before-seen  product that challenges their children's imaginations and creativity.   Role play is a critical activity for developing social skills and cultivating inventive, resourceful, and intelligent young minds.  Kids love to color and they love to play pretend.  These two enduring popular activities are joined together in one new product that encourages and stimulates fresh interest in imaginative pretend play through artistic crafting fun.