Care and Use/ FAQ's

Top Ten Questions about PretendWear Color 'n Wash™

Q.  Is PretendWear™ made of fabric?

A.  The new non-woven material used for our products is Soft Structure™  made by DuPont® for wearing apparel.  It is non-flammable, and rated for children's apparel except as sleep wear.  Soft Structure™ is extremely durable, tear resistant, and soft to the touch.  It can be washed over and over again, just like regular fabrics.


Q.  What size are the dresses?

A.  Our dresses are essentially a size 5.  We have designed them to fit girls ages 3-7.  There are three long strips of Velcro-type fasteners on the back of the bodice that allow for a perfect fit up to a size 7.  The dresses have cut-away-hemlines so they can be adjusted for height.  Our exclusive Soft Structure™ material won't fray when cut.


Q.  What is the best way to wash PretendWear™ ?

A.  Give your kids a fun activity-- let them wash their cape or dress in the sink in soapy water.  They love to watch the water turn colors and have fun squeezing the material.  PretendWear™ products are quick to air dry as well-- need to place them in the dryer.  Just hang the item on a clothes hanger or spread out on any surface.

Q.  Can I wash PretendWear™ in my washing machine?

A.  Yes, but do not wash on high water temperature settings.  If there is a lot of color on the item, it is best to rinse it first in the sink to remove some of the paint before being placed in the machine with other clothing.


Q.  Can I put PretendWear™ in the dryer?

A.  Yes, but since the Soft Structure™ material is synthetic, use only low to medium heat settings. Dry time is under 10 minutes.  High heat will ruin PretendWear™  products.


Q.  Can I iron PretendWear™ after it's washed and dried?

A.  Yes, but use only low heat – select a synthetic or low number iron setting. If you have a steam iron and you see steam, the iron is too hot to use on PretendWear™.   If the iron is is too hot,  PretendWear™ will melt.


Q.  Can I use other brands of paints and markers on PretendWear™?

A.  Yes.  Any washable paints and markers can be used.  Most of these paints, including tub paints, cover well, but tend to flake off during playtime unlike the PretendWear™ paint daubers.  But don't be afraid to have fun experimenting.  And kids love using washable finger paints on PretendWear™ too!




Q.  I washed my daughter's dress but there was still some faded color left behind.  Is there anything I can do to get it white again?

A. Whatever hue might still appear on a PretendWear™ product will easily be covered over the next time it is colored.  But if you really want it as white as possible, put a half cup of chlorine laundry bleach into a plastic pail or sink and fill it with water.  Add the dress and let it soak for four or five hours. Rinse out and dry.  The bleach won't remove the coloring lines and the dress will be white again.  


Q.  What kind of glue can I use on PretendWear™ ?

A.  Only use washable glue products.  If you have added any Cut, Glue 'N Color™  appliques, or glitter gel all will wash out easily.


  Sometimes it might be necessary to soak a PretendWear™ item for longer to loosen the bond if you have used a lot of glue to adhere embellishments like pom-poms, jewels, foam shapes, etc.  If you create a unique look that will not be washed, then consider using permanent Tacky glues.





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