Crafting Ideas

Keep kids creativity stimulated by changing the look of their PretendWear™ apron, cape or dress by downloading one of our temporary cut-out sets. It's another crafting activity they will love because it's quick and easy to change a theme for a whole new look.

  • Select one of our fun theme collections.
  • Download and print out all of the design pages using regular sized paper.
  • With scissors, cut out each object.  Don't cut too close--leave a little space outside the coloring lines.
  • Apply washable glue around the outer edge of the back of each cut-out.
  • Position on PretendWear™ and press down gently around the edges.
  • Let the glue dry completely, then color and decorate.

Crafting Tips

  • Need more of the same object?  Just print out a second set of cut-out's.
  • For a  longer lasting application, dilute the glue 50/50 with water, then use a paint brush to uniformly spread the glue over the entire back of the cut-out.  Position, and press.
  • Change your mind about the location of a glued down object?  No need to wash the entire PretendWear™ item, just use a spray bottle filled with water to moisten the element and when lose, just peel off.  Most times, it's ready to be repositioned immediately without needing more glue!
  • Once the applique has been glued down and colored, don't be afraid to embellish even more with a coat of our Glitter Gel, or even add more glue-on's like gems, feathers, foam shapes......and more!

Washing Instructions:

  • It's easy to remove Cut & Color™ appliques.  First, spray the PretendWear™ with water to loosen the bond, then lift off the applique.  Once it is free and thrown away, wash the PretendWear™  item normally.
  • For stronger all-over glue downs, it works best to place the PretendWear™ in a sink, pan, or pail with some soapy water and let it soak for a few minutes.  Soon it will be ready to peel off the cut-outs and wash the item normally.
  • Now it's time to Cut & Color all over again by downloading another theme set.