What Is PretendWear Color 'n Wash™?

PretendWear™ is a brand NEW coloring and crafting product for kids ages 3 to 8 that can be colored, worn, washed and colored again!

It's great value: PretendWear™ can be colored and colored and colored! Giving hours of stimulating, imaginative fun.

PretendWear™ comes with coloring book-type artwork to create a whole range of fun themes and looks.

The lines are printed in permanent black ink, so when PretendWear™ is washed the paint comes out but the coloring book lines stay.. ready to be colored and worn again!

PretendWear Color n' Wash™ products are one-size-fits-all and made from new dupont soft structure™ material that won't fray. Because PretendWear™ won't fray, we designed unique cut-away hems that allow for size customization and also completely change the look of the dress, skirt wrap, cape, or action suit!

Kids love to color and they love to pretend.

These two enduring activities are joined together in one new product that is hours and hours of fun!